Infinium (INF)

Infinium is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2014 by forking the Cryptonote protocol. However, the original developer left the project soon after, leaving it abandoned for many years. Despite several attempts by developers to revive it, Infinium remained in a state of disrepair until a new team came along in 2020.

The Hard Times of Infinium

Infinium had a difficult journey before it was revived. Many developers tried to resume the project, but none were successful. Nimoria, the first developer to try, attempted to fix the old seed nodes and made pull requests to the original Infinium repository. However, these attempts were unsuccessful. Campurro was the next developer who fixed the compilation of the original code in GCC 5 and hosted seed nodes and mining pools for a long time. Even he left the project. The last person hosting an Infinium node was Helium2017, who created a Discord group for Infinium in early 2020 and hosted seed nodes and mining pools. Despite Helium2017’s efforts, Infinium was still not functional.

The New Start of Infinium

In October 2020, Jacob and 313 met and started discussing Infinium. Jacob created an Infinium pool for himself and 313, but he wasn’t satisfied with the old code. Both of them knew that in order to make the network functional again, it would need code modernization. After many attempts, Jacob settled with Bytecoin v3.4.2 as the base code and made a fork, modifying it to be compatible with the Infinium network. He made the first hard fork, releasing Infinium 2.0.0 in November 2020.

The Evolution of Infinium

Infinium 2.0.0 fixed the inflation bug and lowered the block reward in half. However, it still had some imperfections. Jacob then released Infinium 2.0.1, which fixed the bug with the connection between seed nodes and added checkpoints after the 2.0.0 hard fork. Infinium 2.0.2 was then released, which fixed the total supply calculation mechanism that was overflowing. This update finally allowed us to know the exact amount of Infinium in circulation.

In February 2021, Infinium 3.0.0 was released, which added two new mining PoW algorithms (cn/2 and cn/lite v7) to the existing cn/0 (ASIC mining algorithm). It also added a 1.5% developer fee from mined blocks. Later, in July 2021, Infinium 3.1.0 was released, which removed cn/2 mining algorithm and replaced it with cn/zls. The developer fee was also removed, and the block time was decreased to about 15 seconds to speed up the chain.

The Future of Infinium

Today, Infinium is a cryptocurrency that refuses to die. It has gone through many difficulties, but it has come out stronger than ever. The current block reward is 2.18 INF, and the current network hash rate is cn/0: 212.60 KH/s, cn/zls: 0.18 KH/s, and cn/lite v7: 23.45 KH/s. Infinium has partnered with several other entities, and it can be bought or sold on various exchanges.

In conclusion, Infinium is a cryptocurrency that has faced many challenges, but it has refused to give up. With the support of its developers and community, Infinium is set to thrive in the crypto world.


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